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Smart Energy System (SES)

SES is a smart product that is able to reduce the EB bills by 10-20% and create the green future.

Smart Washroom System (SWS)

Smart Washroom Management is a smart product that is able to reduce the Operation Cost by 20-30% and create the green future

Why Smart Energy System ?

Lack of Remote

High Electricity Bills

Lack of Energy & Alarm Monitoring

Lack of Battery

How can Smart Energy System help you?

Air Conditioner Control

Monitor & Control AC remotely using IoT & AI

Light Control

Monitor live status of site light utilization & control remotely.

Alarm Monitoring

Real time monitoring & notification of events like power & rectifier failure, high temperature, Low voltage, Rack high temperature, Cooling status.

Digital Checklist

Monitoring & tracking of site engineer based on geofencing

Energy Monitoring

Integrated command center to monitor real time energy consumption of multiple sits..

Temperature & AIR Quality Monitoring

Remotely monitor the Temperature & Air Quality of the site

SES gives real-time IoT-based live temperature which provide control mechanism that results in savings.

Why Smart Washroom ?

Lack in Manpower Management

Lack in Feedback & Complaint Resolution

Lack in Washroom Cleaning Monitoring

Lack in Wastage Management

How can Smart Washroom System help you?

Live People Count Sensor

The sensor is on the entrance of the washroom. Whenever user walks inside the sensor detects the user and provides real time user count of the washroom.

Digital Checklist

Supervisors can monitor the washroom using the system. To resolve an issue the supervisor have to provide real time washroom status with live pictures. Here supervisors are also able to assign daily task to the cleaning staff.

Air Quality Sensor

The sensor is able to provide real time washroom air quality based on odor level by checking multiple parameters along with AQI, Temperature & humidity.

Tissue Sensor

The sensor provides real time tissue level in the tissue paper dispenser. The system will then send an alert to the cleaner when the tissue is about to be empty.

Dustbin Sensor

The sensor provides real time garbage level in the dustbin. The system will then send an alert to the cleaner when the dustbin is about to be full.

Feedback System

Users can provide their feedback on the washroom using the feedback system or Using QR Code. Also the user can provide input on exact issues such as washroom smell.

Task Completion

Cleaner has to provide details of cleaning start & stop time using RF tag. The system will provide the efficiency of the cleaner and accuracy of cleaning.

Activity Alert

Washroom App alerts the concerned person when washroom is dirty or smelly, dustbin is full, or tissue is empty. Along with the alert the SMS is also provided to the concerned person. If the issue is not resolved then the higher level alert/SMS is sent.

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